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THE CONCEPT: The idea was two folds; 1. Bring together one senior football player from each of the local high schools for a group photo. To my knowledge, this has never been done before. 2. Take their photo in a suit. Aside from them being high school seniors, they are now young men and leaders in their respective teams. Wearing a suit changes how the public sees you and more importantly, how you see yourself.

This shoot is a culmination of over a month of planning, talking to parents and players, scouting locations, and arranging the suits for each player. So thank you to everyone who took part in getting this shoot done. Thank You to Gus Corona of Armandos Tuxedo in Harlingen, Texas for providing all the suits.

Thank You to Robert Sanders of TIA Aeronautics for allowing us to use of his hangar for the shoot.

And again.. a special Thank You to all the athletes and their parents for taking part in this collaborative effort.

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